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The Natural Capital Marketplace

Veridium Labs is automating how companies calculate and offset their environmental impacts

Introducing Veridium Labs

Veridium Labs is a collaborative initiative that automates the environmental impact accounting and offsetting process across corporate supply chains and creates a global marketplace for digitized environmental assets.

Our Mission

Veridium Labs' mission is to accelerate the transition from an unsustainable extractive economic model to a fully regenerative economy by embedded environmental impact costs (externalities) into the costs of all goods and services we consume.

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Change is possible
Companies and consumers are beginning to understand the value of the Earth’s finite resources, including clean air, forests, biodiversity, arable land, and clean water. The price of the goods and services we consume currently does not include the adverse environmental impacts embedded within them. Environmental offsets, such as carbon credits, can reverse the environmental impacts. These are the first tools being used to create a totally new Regenerative Economic model.

The Problem

Carbon credits haven’t worked because they are illiquid, difficult to track, hard to calculate, and are not standardized.

Our Solution

Veridium Labs makes carbon credit usage viable with the world’s first blockchain-based marketplace and protocol.

Our Ecosystem
We are bringing to market the Veridium Labs Marketplace and EcoSmart protocol to facilitate our mission of creating a sustainable, carbon-neutral world.


Veridium Labs Marketplace is the first tokenized marketplace unleashing new liquidity and trading opportunities in carbon markets.


EcoSmart is a protocol that allows companies to seamlessly offset the environmental impact of their activities.

Global Environmental Credit
Markets Value in Billions
CO2 and Carbon Tax Emission
Trading Schemes Value
in Billions
Conservation Credits In The
United States in Billions
Market For Global Water
in Billions